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Value-added services

Rich value-added services in the payment industry to boost your business.


With AirViewer you can control and manage your POS remotely from the MAXSTORE cloud platform. It is a powerful tool to improve support to merchants, significantly reducing operating expenses.
Step 1
Merchant requires assistance
Step 2
The operator initiates a remote request from the MAXSTORE

Step 3

Merchant accepts remote control request on the display
Step 4
The MAXSTORE operator can now perform remote control of merchant’s device


Large data repository​
GoInsight is a centralized repository for storing large amounts of data in its native format. It allows administrators to efficiently capture and analyze data after the event.
Your data analysis platform
GoInsight supports a variety of data sources: data from the MAXSTORE platform, value-added services and custom third-party applications. It can integrate business data, perform comprehensive analysis and synchronize data from various sources.
  • View data in charts
  • Facilitating data exchange
  • Export professional, up-to-date reports with one click


SmartLanding allows traditional terminals to connect to the MAXSTORE and benefit from the platform’s services. The only solution to manage the whole terminal fleet.


CloudMessage enables developers and service providers to send messages smoothly and efficiently within their business applications.


Integrate the PAX SDK message cloud into your application


Implementing your cloud message service


Keep your customer updated within your business application