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PAX Tweaks Strategy to Encourage Self-Service Payment Transactions

PAX Technology, the world’s leading manufacturer of point of sale terminal solutions, communicated a more flexible commercial model last week, for the state-of-the-art IM20 and IM30 unattended payment modules, to its EMEA region customers in a bid to help boost self-service transactions and promoting convenient contact-free payment experiences following the global coronavirus pandemic.

As nations worldwide implemented strict containment measures, effectively shutting down many merchant categories to limit the outbreak, many countries raised the minimum spend required for contactless transactions, as cash usage fell dramatically and consumers preferred to not enter their PIN codes on traditional physical keypads.

In future there will be a lot more demand for self-checkout and unattended self-service payment solutions, as well as demand for what is perceived as a more clinical approach to PIN-on-Glass entry on modern Android-based payment terminals.

This is why PAX EMEA region has taken the decision to lower the cost entry-point for merchants who wish to focus more on self-checkout payment solutions. The Android IM30 comes in 3 orderable comms configurations (Ethernet-only, additionally with WiFi & Bluetooth, and a full connectivity suite including 4G) and pricing now includes key accessories such as MDB, USB and power cables, as well as external 4G antenna).

“We must provide payment solution systems which help keep consumers safe. It is our priority to help people to be more socially responsible and to keep businesses safely running during these difficult times,” – Andrew Wu, Vice President at PAX.

Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX, added: “The IM20 and Android IM30 are equipped with large touchscreens with PIN-on-Glass functionality, a benefit compare to traditional physical keypads. Despite the higher contactless limits, many people will still need to key in their PINs to complete higher value transactions. In these cases, a payment terminal with PIN-on-Glass display is easier to operate, and is easier to clean and disinfect.”

The IM20 and IM30 support multiple payment options, such as Contactless, Chip & PIN, Magnetic Stripe, Mobile Wallets and QR Code Payments. The IM30 is an advanced version of IM20, as it runs on PayDroid, the payment industry’s leading Android-based operating system, which allows business-boosting apps to be downloaded directly into the device through PAXSTORE. The terminal can be connected to other services through facial ID to deliver a fast, secure and seamless payment experience, without having any staff present at the point of sale. This creates new opportunities for business owners to provide customer-focused services during times where social distancing is key.