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Enhancing Visitor Experience: PAX IM30 Automates Singapore’s Tourist Attractions

Visitors to Singapore now enjoy shorter ticket lines and more interactive displays at various tourist spots, thanks to the government’s Industry Digital Plan (IDP), an initiative to assist operators of local attractions in adopting digital solutions which streamline operations, reduce ticket waiting time and create more engaging experiences for visitors.

One success story is iFly, Singapore’s indoor skydiving attraction, who partnered with ASCAN, to seamlessly integrate the PAX IM30 Unattended Payment Terminal in their self-service ticketing kiosks.


The Android-powered IM30 offers a premium, interactive interface that can be integrated into any kiosks or vending machine. Beyond its sleek design, the PAX IM30 stands out for its wide range of technological capabilities, including high-definition camera, professional scanner, and multiple connectivity options.

For iFly, the PAX IM30 enables automated guest check-ins through facial recognition, and streamlines the search & payment process for photos and videos taken during customer flights.